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Moving Tips



We are fully prepared and capable of going to a job 'cold': packing, loading, unloading and unpacking. Most folks do some amount of preparation, though. Moving is stressful, so take advantage of our experience to save time, money, and aggravation.

  • Clothes normally kept in drawers can be put in trash bags rather than boxes. The bags can be used to cushion other items, and don't take up as much space as boxes. The same applies to pillows.


  • We shrink wrap all furniture with drawers and lids. This prevents drawers and lids from flopping around, and provides some protection to the furniture. If you want to shrink wrap furniture before we arrive, it can save considerable time.


  • It's usually better to take clothes out of dresser drawers, unless the dresser is small. Besides using the bags of clothing as cushions, it's easier and safer to maneuver empty furniture down stairs and around corners. If we have to take drawers full of clothing out to make the furniture manageable, any time saving realized by not packing the clothes will be more than negated by the time taken to remove, transport, and replace drawers.


  • If furniture has glass doors, such as a china cabinet, we're going to cut cardboard to fit the doors, and shrink wrap the piece. If you want to do this prior to the move date, it will save time. Just remember to take the shelves out first.


  • It's a good idea to have several empty boxes on hand on the day of the move. Besides protecting glass doors, there are often instances where cushioning is needed that doesn't require an entire blanket.


  • Moving blankets are your friend. On local moves, we supply the blankets, and we use them liberally. If we're just loading the truck for you, you're going to want moving blankets. Sheets and bedclothes don't provide the protection of dedicated moving blankets. Renting blankets is cheap insurance for your valuable furniture. A good rule of thumb is one blanket per piece of furniture, plus one for every mirror, glass table top, and large picture. Large pieces will likely require two blankets.


  • Lightbulbs don't do well if left in lamps. We're going to remove them and hand them to you, so you may want a place to put them.


  • In most cases, we're going to want to remove the legs from dining room tables, then wrap the top and legs in blankets. This makes packing the truck more efficient, and it's easier to protect the table. It's also much easier to move a tabletop and legs seperately than to move the whole piece. If you want to remove the legs prior to the move, it will save time.


  • We're going to have to take the cushions off couches to move them. You can put the cushions and pillows in trash bags prior to the move. This protects them, and the bagged cushions and pillows can be used for space fillers and protection.


  • We supply cargo straps for local moves, but if you're making a long-distance move, you're likely going to need some sort of load restraint equipment. We recommend buying cargo straps. The are available in many places in packs of 4 for about $20. The type where both ends can be adjusted and feature a ratcheting mechanism will give the greatest flexibility. Rope is difficult to get tight, and bungee cords have limited utility.



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